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Vaser or Vaserlipo liposuction

What is Vaser or Vaserlipo liposuction?

VASER Lipo is the alternative to the current liposuction technique, as it uses advanced third-generation ultrasound technology, designed to gently sculpt the body shape. Ultrasonic energy is transmitted through small probes that diffuse the waves and liquefy the fat to facilitate its extraction. Ultrasonic energy is gentle enough and breaks down only fat, preserving nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues promoting better skin retraction and skin uniformity.
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Who is a good candidate for the VaserLipo?

Ideally, patients who are going to undergo liposuction using this technique are in good physical condition and are not overweight, that is, what they are looking for is to eliminate the accumulation of fat in certain areas that cannot be eliminated by diets or exercises. Some people have a tendency to accumulate fat deposits that are not easily removed and require interventions such as ultrasonic VASER liposuction.

There are some areas of the body that are especially suitable for treatment using this technique.

These areas are the thighs, abdomen, arms, chest, chin, and neck.


The intervention with VaserLipo

It can be performed with local anesthesia plus sedation, or with general anesthesia, depending on the area to be treated and the preferences of the surgeon and patient. An anesthetic consisting of saline with tumescent fluid is used, which is injected into the body through small 2mm incisions in the area to be treated. Instead of introducing the conventional liposuction cannula, VASER liposuction uses high-frequency ultrasound vibrations, which separate the fat cells that will then be drained and expelled through liposuction cannulas, respecting the surrounding tissues.

After the intervention

After the intervention, you must wear a bandage and a pressure therapy garment. This garment is kept for approximately 1 month and is usually combined with lymphatic drainage massages. The process is not painful and medication is taken to control the inflammation. You start walking from the day of the intervention, but you will have to avoid intense exercises for a few days, depending on the area operated on.

The results

The Vaser liposuction technique offers great control to the surgeon, who can control the amount of fat removed at all times and provides a firm and smooth result, with less probability of appearance of lumps or pits than in conventional liposuction. The body contour becomes much more defined than with other techniques such as traditional liposuction with large cannulas. VASER liposuction also helps preserve and protect tissues as well as reduce bleeding and bruising that may occur. There is also a greater retraction of the tissues, leading to a greater firmness of the skin.