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Indiba Deep Care

Indiba® Deep Care Elite NS

We are the first plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine center to have the most advanced Indiba® model, capable of reducing fat, reaffirming, rejuvenating and preparing or recovering the body before surgery.

The use of Indiba® Deep Care Elite NS is of great help to reduce recovery processes and decrease the visibility of scars. The technology allows to act in different ways depending on the tissue in which it intervenes and is highly effective thanks to its regenerative, firming and healing action. It is also very useful in aesthetic medicine treatments, especially to treat flaccidity or cellulite.

It is the most versatile tool for comprehensive surgical, dermatological and aesthetic treatment, which draws on the latest scientific discoveries.

The processes in which Indiba® Deep Care Elite NS is especially useful:

  • Before surgery, such as liposuction, it allows preparing the tissues, reducing bleeding and subsequent appearance of bruises.
  • It works very well in the post-operative to treat acute inflammation.
  • It can be used with the presence of breast prostheses and in very sensitive areas such as the breast areola.
  • If we talk about thermal application, it is specifically indicated for body firming, fat reduction, stretch marks and cellulite treatments.
  • On the face, it is very effective in global skin rejuvenation, tissue regeneration, scars, seborrheic skin or luminosity.