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Diagnosis with facial ultrasound

What is the diagnosis with facial ultrasound?

At the Vicente Paloma Institute we have state-of-the-art ultrasound scanners as a diagnostic technique in aesthetic medicine.

Thanks to the application of acoustic waves to facial tissues, much information is obtained on the patient’s anatomy and the state of the structures located under the skin. With facial ultrasound, we can assess the degree of skin aging by measuring the subepidermal hypoechoic band (SLEB), the changes of which are very useful when objectively determining any skin rejuvenation treatment.

Advantages of facial ultrasound diagnosis for aesthetic medicine:

-To objectively know the state of the internal structures of the skin

-Find out the patient’s history, identifying and locating previously infiltrated substances or fillers

– Decide the type of treatment to apply in a personalized way

– Subsequent control to assess the evolution of the aesthetic treatment and its results

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