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How does CoolSculpting® technology work?

CoolSculpting® technology is based on research carried out by scientists at Harvard University, which proved that cold can attack fat cells without damaging skin or tissues, a concept called cryolipolysis.

The Coolsculpting® procedure allows a precise and controlled cooling to act effectively on the fat cells located under the skin. The action of cold freezes fat cells, causing them to die progressively. In the weeks following treatment, the human body naturally processes these dead cells and kills them.

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The CoolSculpting® patented temperature sensor is the only one that, in contact with the patient’s skin, adapts the temperature to provide greater comfort and safety.

In the world, more than 7 million treatments have been carried out, making Coolsculpting® a proven, safe, precise, controlled and effective technique to permanently eliminate localized fat from the body, provided that a healthy lifestyle is followed.

CoolSculpting® treatments are performed only in medical centers and by professionals who have specific training to guarantee the best result. At the Dr. Vicente Paloma Institute, Dr. Clara Buitrago is responsible for advising and planning treatment individually, to achieve a final result that according to the needs and expectations of each person.

What is the CoolSculpting® treatment?

CoolSculpting® manages the cold in a controlled way through an applicator specially designed for each area of the body to be treated, according to the protocol established by the doctor to freeze fat cells.

Depending on the area of the body to be treated, the CoolSculpting® session can last between one and two hours. Generally, the patient is sitting or lying down, and when starting treatment, it is normal to feel intense cold, although it soon subsides. Many people take the opportunity to read, listen to music, check their e-mail or simply relax.

Once the session is over, you can continue with your daily life immediately, including exercising from the day after the treatment.

At the Dr. Vicente Paloma Institute we have two CoolSculpting® equipment that allows two areas to work at the same time. Thanks to this we managed to eliminate

Many people have stubborn fat cells that they cannot eliminate with diet or exercise.

CoolSculpting® technology uses controlled cooling to remove these fat cells.

In the following weeks, the body naturally processes this fat and gradually removes dead cells.

The results of the CoolSculpting® are long-term because the treated fat cells are eliminated.