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Prosthesis Control Unit

What is a Prosthesis Control Unit?

Prosthesis rupture is an unusual process and does not usually give signs or symptoms about what is happening, so its diagnosis and subsequent management is not easy. For this reason, as in any process, it is better to go to a specialized unit that offers us guarantees on a correct diagnosis and subsequent actions.
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What is a prosthetic break?

A breast implant rupture occurs when there is a tear or hole in the outer covering of the prosthesis. When a rupture occurs in an implant filled with saline solution it can produce …
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When to do a Prosthesis review?

The prostheses that are currently implanted are usually composed of silicone gel and do not have an established expiration. That is, if they do not give us problems, it is not necessary to replace them …
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What should I do with a broken prosthesis?

Although it is not a situation that puts our health at risk immediately, we must be aware that it is an anomalous situation that we must resolve.
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Symptoms and risks of a break

Most tears do not give symptoms in the early stages, making diagnosis difficult.
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