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Thermage ®

What is Thermage ®?

The Thermage® is a radio frequency system that manages to stimulate collagen through the action of heat. Collagen is a fiber that has a function of supporting the skin. With age and external factors, the collagen formation itself deteriorates.

The use of radiofrequency – Thermage® – allows the production of new collagen that will allow skin rejuvenation and will help tighten the skin. Thus, the treatment manages to slow down the natural evolution of the passage of time and in a high number of cases, it achieves tension, elevation and reduction of the facial lines as well as a renewal of the contours.

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Frequent questions

Can it be applied to all skin types?

Yes. The Thermage® radiofrequency system allows application on both light and dark skin, being a safe treatment.

How does Thermage® work?

Through electrical impulses, energy is generated that heats the deep dermis, there is a cooling system that cools and protects the outermost layer. The heat stimulates the generation of collagen, causing an immediate contraction of it. Thermage® does not require anesthesia or topical application of anesthetic cream. During the following months the formation of new fibers takes place, replacing the old ones and rejuvenating the appearance of the treated area. The radiofrequency system provides smoother skin, thus providing a more youthful appearance. Thermage® is not intended to replace surgery.

Are the effects of Thermage® immediate?

Collagen retraction is obtained immediately, but it is from 2-3 months that the first improvements can be observed. In younger skin, the results can be noticed earlier.

How many sessions are necessary?

Usually only one session is required. Your doctor will advise you on the need or not for new applications.

What is noticed during the treatment?

You notice heat that disappears at the end of the session. We remember that the device has a cooling system that cools the superficial layers of the skin.

Can it be combined with other techniques?

Yes, it can be combined with botulinum toxin, photorejuvenation with pulsed light, use of resorbable implants, peels or facial mesotherapy. The treatments enhance each other, being able to increase their effects. The combination must be indicated by a specialized doctor and maintaining the recommended times between each of the treatments.


Treatment is contraindicated if you are a pacemaker carrier.

Thermage® treatment duration

The duration depends on the area to be treated and its size. Approximately between one hour in facial treatments and two hours in body treatments. Generally, more time is needed for the preparation of the skin prior to the treatment as well as the application of masks after the performance.

Precautions after treatment with Thermage®

You can resume normal activities immediately, does not require sick leave. It is advisable to avoid heat sources or direct application of sun in the hours following the treatment. It can be made up immediately.


The results

An improvement in the smoothness of the skin is achieved and in many cases an improvement in facial or body flaccidity. The improvement is gradual from 2-3 months so no one notices an immediate makeover. The results are dependent on the natural aging process of each patient.