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Silhouette® Sutures

What are Silhouette® Sutures?

Silhouette® Sutures or Tensor Threads are resorbable sutures with bidirectional cones that redefine facial features.
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In whom is the Silhouette® Suture indicated?

The procedure is indicated in patients over 30 years of age who wish to eliminate the signs of old age. Tension threads are an excellent choice for treating sagging cheeks, neck, facial contour, loss of jaw line definition, attenuating nasolabial folds and raising eyebrows.

This treatment is indicated for patients seeking a non-invasive treatment, with natural and authentic results through a non-surgical face lift.


In whom is the Silhouette® Suture contraindicated?

Patients with permanent fillers from previous treatments present risks for the placement of tension wires.

What are Silhouette® Sutures or tension threads?

Tension threads are absorbable polymers composed of Polylatic Acid (PLA), biologically compatible with human tissues. The threads act on subcutaneous tissue and stimulate fibroblast activation and collagen production, resulting in:

• A visible lifting effect immediately upon the application of sutures.
• A regenerative effect that restores facial shape.

The tensioning threads take two years to re-absorb. They stimulate a fibrous reaction, a mechanism that will stabilize sutures and tissues.

The session, which lasts about half an hour, is performed in the clinic with the infiltration of a small local anesthetic into the suture entry holes. Sterile threads are inserted through the skin and require no incisions or stitches.

Silhouette® Sutures or tensioning threads can be applied in combination with other treatments or alone.


Recommendations before and after Silhouette® Sutures

Before the session:
• 5 or 7 days before treatment, we recommend not taking anti-inflammatories such as aspirin or ibuprofen. Take Paracetamol, which has no contraindication.

After the session:
• Do not massage the area after inserting the sutures.
• Apply a topical antibiotic twice a day at the entry and exit points of the sutures.
• Put cold whey gauze for 5-10 minutes in case of edema or bruising.
• Take anti-inflammatories in case of pain.
• The first three nights, keep your head elevated. And the first five nights, sleep on your back.
• For three weeks, do not play sports.
• Avoid sun exposure and UVA rays for two weeks.

The results

With Silhouette® sutures, facial tissue replacement is achieved by applying tension to the soft tissue, “sagging” is corrected and sagging on the face is improved.