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What is VECTRA x3?

VECTRA X3 is a computer 3D image simulator that will allow you to visualize the results of your cosmetic intervention in an effective and realistic way.

Computer imaging that simulates what a patient will look like after plastic surgery is a service that patients highly value in preoperative consultations.

In Dr. Vicente Paloma’s office we have the most modern 3D imaging systems on the market. This is VECTRA X3, from the North American company Canfield, a computer image simulator that will allow you to visualize the results of your aesthetic intervention.


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What do we achieve with VECTRA X3?

With VECTRA X3 we achieve a realistic aesthetic simulation that facilitates the demonstration of surgical and non-surgical procedures to sculpt the change, in a three-dimensional image of the patient. The images are a way of understanding the aesthetic approach of the surgeon, they also generate confidence in the results and allow us to understand the surgery.

Preoperative images are widely used in all plastic surgery and their use provides benefits such as:

Improve communication between the surgeon and the patient.

They help to reconcile the differences between the patient’s wishes and the surgeon’s medical-aesthetic concept.

They support preoperative analysis and planning.

They make it possible to identify patients with unrealistic expectations.

With VECTRA X3 you can explore the possibilities and help the patient decide on the best possible treatment plan with the following objectives:

Communicate the possibilities: The use of the patient’s own images to explore the possible results.

Complementary procedures: We show you the effect of combining procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or breast augmentation with tummy tuck.

Increase patient satisfaction. We visualize patient expectations and achieve a shared understanding of treatment goals.

Improve surgical planning: Treatment plan and 3D surgery. They refer to three dimensions of pre-operative and simulated images during surgery.



Crisalix is ​​a 3D simulator for aesthetic procedures that recreates the patient’s body in 3D, allowing us very precise pre-visualizations of the final result of the breast augmentation, that is, it allows us to finally answer the question asked by all patients: “How do I Will I see after the augmentation mammoplasty? ”

To answer this question, the patient has the possibility to visualize her new breast from our consultation in virtual reality, using special glasses. Once the glasses are placed, the patient can see directly on her body the different breasts that she may have after surgery, taking the virtual to the limit of reality.

The patient can visualize her new breasts in a 3D simulation and from virtual reality, as opposed to other more traditional methods that are based on imaginary results, such as the use of fillers or photos of other patients and that do not represent the true patient’s anatomy.
This advanced technology increases understanding and interaction between doctor and patient.

IPRAS, the leading international federation of Plastic Surgery, recommends Crisalix for the important progress that 3D simulation technology brings to the entire medical community, as well as for the high attention it attributes to the patient. Patients who have used Crisalix have demonstrated a very high level of satisfaction, which corresponds directly to one of the main objectives of IPRAS in improving the care and attention of all patients interested in plastic surgery.




3D Vectra camera that allows obtaining pre-operative and postoperative three-dimensional models of facial plastic surgeries, rhinoplasties.

Preoperative 3D simulation of a rhinoplasty, achieved with a Vectra 3D Sculptor Camera.

Images obtained with a 3 Dimensional camera.

Special glasses to see the 3D simulation of Crisalix.

Crisalix 3D simulation.

Crisalix 3D simulation.