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Revitalization with Restylane Skinbooster®

What is revitalization with Restylane Skinbooster®?

Restylane Skinbooster® is a hyaluronic acid that is injected into the skin and deeply hydrates it, giving it a younger, fresher and more natural appearance, without adding volume or filling wrinkles.
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In which cases is restylation with Restylane Skinbooster® indicated?

Revitalization with Restylane Skinbooster® is indicated in patients with dehydrated skin that has lost luminosity, in cases of photoaging, loss of elasticity and firmness, in rejuvenation of the lips and to improve acne scars. The procedure can be performed on the entire face, around the eyes, neck, neckline and hands.

In which cases is it contraindicated?

Revitalization with Restylane Skinbooster® is contraindicated in patients with autoimmune and collagen diseases, in pregnant or lactating women, and in people with general or localized infections in the area to be treated.

What does revitalization with Restylane Skinbooster® consist of?

In each session, multiple drops of hyaluronic acid are injected under the skin’s surface for 15 to 20 minutes.

We recommend one session per month for three consecutive months. Once the treatment is finished, it can be repeated once a year. For best results, it can be associated with other treatments such as peeling, laser and dermapen.



Recommendations before and after treatment

We recommend not taking anti-inflammatories such as aspirin or ibuprofen one week before treatment. It is allowed to take paracetamol, since it does not present any contraindication.

After each session, we recommend applying a sunscreen with a high protection factor.