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Intimate rejuvenation

What is intimate rejuvenation?

The aging process is also suffered in the genital area due to loss of volume, sagging skin and hormonal changes.

The filling of that intimate area is indicated both aesthetically and to improve sexual relations.

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In whom is intimate rejuvenation indicated?

Intimate rejuvenation is indicated in patients who have: painful episiotomy scars, lichen sclerosus vulvais, vaginal flaccidity, a feeling of tightness (and sometimes bleeding after intercourse), pain during intercourse or pain, vaginal dryness, irritation, or itching.

It is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, in people with allergies to any component of the product, with autoimmune diseases, with acute infections in the area to be treated or if antidepressants are ingested in high doses.


What does intimate rejuvenation consist of?

First, an anesthetic is applied, which can be topical as an injection, then hyaluronic acid is introduced into the labia majora with a microcannula, in a deep plane. And, in order to hydrate and tone the labia minora, small injections are applied as if it were a mesotherapy.

Specific hyaluronic acid for the genital area helps restore volume and symmetry to the labia majora and hydrates the labia minora. It is a very suitable treatment for postmenopausal patients or young women with intense genital flaccidity caused by hormonal imbalances, weight loss, childbirth, etc.

The duration of the session ranges from twenty to thirty minutes.



Recommendations before and after intimate rejuvenation

One week before treatment, it is recommended not to take anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen, aspirin, …), anticoagulants or Vitamin C and E.

The days prior to treatment, do not shave the area. If necessary, do it only the same day.
After treatment, and for five days, avoid sexual intercourse.

During the ten days after the treatment, avoid areas of water and heat: swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzi.

And, for a few days, avoid sports that create pressure in the genital area (cycling, horse riding, etc.).


The result is immediately apparent, but is not definitive. The duration is approximately one year. The procedure does not hurt and is very simple.