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Cosmetic surgery can increase cheekbones, through implants that give more body and improve the contour of the poorly defined cheeks.

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Who is a good candidate for a cheek augmentation?

There are people who, due to age, lose the contour of the cheekbones, or have them flat or do not feel comfortable with their cheekbones. The fact that it is a fairly simple surgery and the moderate cost of cheek implants makes cheek surgery especially attractive for many people and a good cosmetic solution. The most important thing is to have realistic expectations about the results you can achieve, so talking to your surgeon is essential. In the consultation of Dr. Vicente Paloma you can inform yourself about the price of the increase in cheekbones for your specific case.

Cheek augmentation surgery

Cheek augmentation is done by inserting a prosthesis that adapts to the surface of the malar bone. When the implant is not performed in combination with other plastic surgery treatments, the incision is made inside the mouth, above the groove between the upper lip and the gums, so the internal scar is not visible. The surgeon creates a tunnel that ends in the cavity that will house the prosthesis on the malar bone. Local anesthesia is generally used for cheek augmentation, however, depending on the preferences of the patient and the surgeon, general anesthesia may be used. The intervention normally takes 30 to 45 minutes.

After cheek augmentation

After a cheek augmentation, you may notice some swelling on the face. The mobility of the mouth and lips will be temporarily affected. The stitches used to close the incision inside the mouth will dissolve after about 10 days.

The results

A few days after the cheek augmentation surgery, the implant has been incorporated as its own and is barely noticeable. Complications in this type of cheek surgery are extremely rare and consist of a poor position or displacement that eventually requires a replacement of the implant.