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Chemical peeling

What is a chemical peel?

In these peeling sessions, an irritating chemical agent is applied to the skin in order to produce an exfoliation to regenerate the tissue naturally. Depending on the product used, its concentration and the application time, imperceptible scaling can be achieved until a renewal of the skin with attenuation of skin lesions.

There are three types of Peelings depending on the depth of action of the substance: deep, medium and superficial.

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For whom is the Chemical Peel indicated?

The chemical peel is indicated for patients with rosacea, skin blemishes, aging, loss of light and acne.

Chemical peeling is contraindicated in pregnant women, lactating women, people treated in the last six months with the drug isotretinoin and active herpes virus.


What does the Chemical Peel consist of?

Chemical peeling should preferably be done in the winter season, to avoid sun exposure.

In order to obtain better results, the doctor will prescribe creams to prepare the skin before peeling.

Before each session, the skin is cleaned and the appropriate product is applied. Then the doctor will apply the acid to the patient and the patient will begin to feel a slight burning that lasts a few minutes. In addition, you will notice that the treated skin becomes red.



How many sessions are necessary?

The periodicity of the sessions will depend on whether the peeling is superficial or deep and the type of case to be treated.

The treatment of a superficial peel lasts approximately 10 to 20 minutes. In the case of medium or deep peels, the duration is somewhat longer.


Recommendations before and after a Chemical Peel

From three weeks before the first session of Chemical Peeling and three weeks after the last session, avoid direct sun exposure.

Every day, and every three hours, apply sun protection factor.

After treatment, maintain good facial hygiene and hydration in the treated areas.

In the case of deep peeling, we recommend that the patient return home, since controlled inflammation occurs.