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The Chin

Chin surgery improves one of the most important features of the face.

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Who is a good candidate for chin surgery?

If you do not like your facial harmony, you want to improve your appearance and you are in good physical and mental health, you can consider doing chin surgery.

Dr. Paloma and his team will explain the procedure in detail, showing you before and after chin surgery photos and informing you of the real expectations you can achieve. The price of chin surgery depends on each specific case. On that first visit they will give you a detailed budget.


Chin surgery

Chin surgery usually involves an incision in the groove between the lower lip and the gums in order to insert a prosthesis.

Local anesthesia is generally used for chin surgery, however, depending on your preferences as a patient and the surgeon’s preferences, general anesthesia may be used. Chin surgery can take from 30 minutes to an hour.

After chin surgery

After chin surgery, you usually experience some discomfort and swelling in the affected area for several days, and you usually experience some temporary difficulty in smiling or talking. They may appear purple around the chin and neck, but you will revert to a normal appearance within 2 to 4 weeks after chin surgery.

The surgeon will explain the dental hygiene and diet to follow and any post-operative restrictions.

The results

Results cannot be fully evaluated until several weeks after the operation, or perhaps months after the chin surgery. You can use our “simulator.html” to see how your face can look after surgery.

Our goal is to always make you look better, but not without perceiving that you have been operated on. The scar from the chin surgery, being inside the mouth will not be visible.