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What is lipofilling?

Lipofilling is a surgical technique that consists of extracting the patient’s own fat from the areas where it accumulates (abdomen, “love handles”, saddlebags, inner thighs and knees, double chin), the processing of said fat and its use to increase the volume of areas that require it, such as cheekbones, chins, hands (because they have decreased with aging, or because they lack volume in a natural way), and also to fill wrinkles and furrows (furrow of the lower eyelid, furrow nasogeniano, puppet lines …).
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Who is a good candidate for lipofilling?

Any person who is in good physical and mental health, and who presents volume deficits in certain areas (cheekbones, back of the hands, lack of definition of the jaw line, …) due to the aging process or innate form, as well as in areas with deep wrinkles or marked grooves (dark circles, facial grooves).

An individualized assessment by the surgeon is convenient, who will provide detailed information and a quote.


Lipofilling surgery

With local anesthesia in the area where the fat is to be injected and taken, several small 2 mm non-perceptible incisions are made through which the fat is extracted with cannulas, and after processing it is placed with a careful technique. in the areas to be treated, with fine cannulas that vary in size according to the area, filling them with the necessary volume.

After lipofilling

Recovery is quick, with hardly any discomfort and inflammation appearing in the donor and recipient area of the fat.

The patient can quickly resume their daily activities. Depending on the area, we put some strips by way of splinting on the treated area, which are kept for 3-4 days.


The results

The results of this technique are really satisfactory, they achieve a natural volume replacement and without foreign materials, as well as an improvement in the texture of the skin that remains on top.