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What is lip reshaping?

The lips are synonymous with beauty and youth but, over time, they lose volume, definition and thickness. When aging, the supporting bone structures wear down the maxillary bone, leaving a more sunken mouth and advancing the chin.

The lip remodeling with hyaluronic acid allows us to redefine the lip contour, give adequate volume and texture to the lips and perilabial region to improve the face. In addition, this technique can be complemented with the treatment of wrinkles around the mouth (Bar Code).

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In which cases is lip remodeling indicated?

Lip remodeling is indicated in lip contouring, lips with cracks and lips that have suffered loss of volume.

Contraindications to lip remodeling

In cases where a patient has suffered from a cold sore, a previous prophylactic treatment will be necessary. Other contraindications are: allergies to any component of the product, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy or lactation.

Lip Remodeling Treatment

The treatment of lip remodeling consists of the injection of resorbable hyaluronic acid. This injection is done through very fine needles. Before treatment, the application of an anesthetic cream is common.
The lip remodeling session usually lasts from 30 to 45 minutes.

Recommendations before and after treatment

Before lip contouring, we recommend not taking anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and aspirin during the week prior to treatment. In case it is necessary to take an analgesic, Paracetamol does not present contraindications.
After the session, we recommend not smoking afterwards and avoiding exposure to the sun and UVA rays.

The results

The results of lip remodeling are immediate. The duration of the effect will be approximately 10 months to one year. The duration of the treatment effect is directly related to the material used in it and the lifestyle of the patient.