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Patient information

How should I prepare for my first visit?

The surgeon must listen carefully to the patient to know what their wishes are, why they want to operate, and recommend the best to make them look good and feel good, after the operation and 10 years later.

It is important to prepare a list of questions and doubts about the intervention, in order to know the process you will go through, the risks of any surgery, possible complications, recovery time, etc.

In the clinic a physical examination of the area to be treated will be performed, putting the maximum concentration and dedicating all the necessary time; And, finally, he will do everything possible to get you out of the consultation with all your doubts resolved.

Especially designed for people who are far from Barcelona, we also offer the possibility of maintaining a first visit online, through video consultation. In a maximum security environment, you can send us what you want to correct and we will discuss the best options.


Who will carry out the intervention or treatment?

Dr Paloma’s team includes leading surgeons in our country as well as the best specialists in aesthetic medicine. Any member of the medical team will be an excellent choice for your procedure.

There are certain issues that concern the patient when they have made the great decision to go to the operating room to undergo a plastic surgery operation.

What is the price of the surgery?

The cost of plastic surgery varies from one intervention to another. We invite you to request a visit through the web or send your questions through the email

Is there a possibility of financing?

In our consultation we will inform you of excellent financing conditions The Vicente Paloma Institute offers you, through a solvency financial institution, the possibility of financing your treatment at 0 interest if you do it for a term of 3, 6 or 12 months. Contact us and we will provide you with all the details so that you can choose the formula that best suits your needs.

What are the pre-operative requirements?

Before undergoing surgery, ask your surgeon what the preoperative requirements are for your particular surgery. Analysis, cardiac examination, radiographs and other necessary tests (depending on the medical history) are essential.

For any questions call 93 39 33 181, we will be happy to solve and answer your questions.


How can we help you?

Ask us for a visit via the web or telephone 93 393 31 81 and we will be happy to listen to you.
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