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Bar code

What are barcodes?

They are fine perioral wrinkles that form around the mouth (between the nose and the upper lip) and are known as the Bar Code because they form a set of parallel lines.

Remodeling these unsightly lines with Hyaluronic Acid allows us to hydrate the area, recover its elasticity and form collagen.

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In which cases is the remodeling of these lines indicated?

The remodeling of these unsightly lines with Hyaluronic Acid is indicated for patients who want to reduce peri-oral wrinkles that have appeared as a consequence of tobacco use (both now and in the past) and for those who have been excessively exposed to Sun.

Contraindications to lip remodeling

Patients who have had a cold sore should have prophylactic treatment before having this lip remodel. Pregnant women, lactating women, people with allergies to any component of the product, with autoimmune diseases and permanent fillers in the area to be treated should not have this treatment either.

Lip Remodeling Treatment

The barcode remodeling consists of the injection of resorbable Hyaluronic Acid through a microcannula. Previously, an anesthetic will have been applied. If necessary, this technique can also be complemented with blanching, which consists of filling wrinkles with a very fine needle, one by one.
The lip remodeling session usually lasts half an hour.

Recommendations before and after treatment

During the week before treatment, we recommend not taking anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and aspirin. If necessary, Paracetamol can be taken since it has no contraindication.
After the session, we recommend not smoking and avoiding exposure to the sun and UVA rays.

The results

The results are immediately appreciated. The duration of the effect lasts approximately between 1 year and 1 year and two months, depending on the material used and the lifestyle of the patient.