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What is bichatectomy?

Bichat bags or balls are two well-defined accumulations of fatty tissue, located in the thickness of each cheek, immediately below the cheekbones and in direct relation to the buccinator muscle. They do not have any specific function except to give volume to the area, and may have very different sizes depending on the characteristics of each individual. In childhood, these fatty accumulations are generally of greater volume, giving the facial contour the typical rounded and filled oval of the face of a baby or child.

Over the years, this fatty tissue normally begins to slowly decrease in size. However, this decrease in volume is not the same in all people.

Generally in people who have a more rounded facial contour, prominent cheeks and poorly defined cheekbones, these Bichat Bags or Balls have not atrophied, turning out to be much larger than desired. It is for this group of patients that Bichectomy represents a good alternative that manages to counteract this annoying phenomenon.


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Bolsa de Bichat

Who is a good candidate to undergo a bichatectomy?

Any adult in good health in whom the volume of the cheeks generates an unwanted bulky appearance and who seeks to give greater definition, harmony and beauty of facial features.

It is convenient for the surgeon to assess each particular case, he will provide you with detailed information and a budget.


Bichatectomy surgery

The Resection of Bichat, Bichectomy or Bichatectomy Bags or Balls, as it is technically called, is the surgical procedure – indicated for both men and women – through which this fatty tissue is partially or totally removed, resecting it from permanently through a small incision of 1 to 1.5 centimeters made in the oral mucosa of the mouth (inside each cheek), without leaving visible scars and with minimal discomfort for the person. It is a surgery of approximately 45 minutes duration, which is performed on an outpatient basis and with local anesthesia (it is also possible to perform it in the context of another plastic surgery).

The surgery is not painful during its execution nor in the subsequent period; it does not determine disability in daily or work activities; it is safe, having a very low risk and rate of complications for the patient. It is possible to appreciate the results from the first post-surgical week and it is permanent.


After the intervention

Recovery is quick and easy. In the first post-surgical days the patient may present slight inflammation in the internal area of the cheeks and minimal pain when feeding or chewing. Rarely, bruises or “bruises” may appear in the lower area of the same cheeks. For this reason, the use of local cold for the first two days, a soft diet and moderate physical activity without great efforts or major sun exposures or at high temperatures (such as jogging for example) during the first week are recommended. In general, medications are indicated for the first week within which an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, an antibiotic and a gastric protector are considered.

The stitches used are usually dropped on their own.


The results

With Bichectomy, it is possible to reduce the volume of the cheeks, making the cheekbones and the jaw line relatively more prominent, improving the facial contour, giving an appearance of greater slenderness and harmony to facial features.

People undergoing this procedure, in a short time, feel slimmer and with a better defined face.