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Cheek liposuction

What is male jowl liposuction?

Double chin liposuction is a simple procedure that involves the removal of localized fat that accumulates under the chin and jaw. The main causes are overweight, genetics and aging.
It is one of the most demanded interventions among the male sector due to the discomfort produced by the difficulty of not being able to hide it. Thanks to this surgery, the candidate can harmonize and rejuvenate his face as well as improving the appearance of the neck, providing a more delineated contour.
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Who is the ideal candidate for a double chin liposuction?

The ideal candidate is a man in good physical health who has an excess of fat under the jaw area and wants to remove this annoying tissue and wear a slimmer face. The double chin makes the man’s face look much thicker and makes him look out of proportion if viewed in profile or from the front. Also, your body weight should not exceed 30% of your ideal weight.
Men interested in double chin liposuction should not be over 40 to guarantee an optimal result due to the elasticity of the skin. It is important that, to proceed to the intervention, the area to be treated is not flaccid or with excess skin, since, otherwise, it will be necessary to use another type of treatment and surgery.

Double chin liposuction, what is it?

This quick and easy procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and with local anesthesia and / or sedation. It is performed through a small incision in the neck through which a liposuction microcannula is inserted to aspirate the fat subcutaneously, using a tumescent method that requires the injection of fluids while removing the fatty tissue from the area. This helps dissolve the fat so that it can be removed more easily and reduces post-operative pain and the appearance of bruises. Since it is a very fine cannula (2-3 mm.), The posterior scars are almost imperceptible. Sometimes it is necessary to make other incisions behind the earlobe, the scars of which are also invisible.

There are candidates with a short neck, narrow jaw, or very flabby skin that may require double chin liposuction combined with another procedure to remove excess skin such as a neck lift.



After double chin liposuction

After the intervention, to help in the recovery process, it will be necessary to protect the treated area with a pressotherapy garment or compression bandage around the face that tightens well, during the first week and in the following days at night. In this way, contact with external agents and infections that may occur in the incisions will also be avoided.

Reincorporation to the world of work may be carried out after 1 week of liposuction, although the bruising will take a little longer to disappear. The patient may also have pain due to swelling of the area that will be alleviated with the medication prescribed by the surgeon.

It is recommended to be careful with the neck movements so that the stitches do not suffer, as well as avoiding carrying out activities that imply the effort of the operated area or the neck until the patient is fully recovered. You should also avoid touching the intervened area, as well as your exposure to the sun.


The results

As the days go by, the patient will return to daily life with an important physical change and, to guarantee the expected result, aftercare is extremely important. Results will be permanent and visible as swelling is reduced, which can take several weeks.

In addition to improving their aesthetic appearance, the patient will increase their confidence and self-confidence.